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Our Staff

Here at Faith, Honolulu Christian Church we truly believe in serving our congregation & the people of Kalihi. Our staff is a team who works together to ensure that God's priorities are focussed on, not man's.


Senior Pastor Rodney Iaea and his brother Chris, and sister Leanne came to our church very early in its history.  Since all the Iaea siblings are talented singers and musicians, they formed the heart of our worship team for many years.  Rodney met his wife Glena (one of Myra's many sisters) at our church and now have one grown son, Hezekiah. and two daughters, Imani and Jaylah.  Rodney and Glena (and Glena's sister Cherry) have been part of the core worship team for many years.  Rodney was appointed Worship Leader when his brother Chris was called to pastor his own church years ago.  He was appointed Pastor and Music Minister at the passing of founder Pastor Loyd K. Watanabe. Rodney was trained by Pastor Loyd K. Watanabe and holds a Bachelors Degree in Missiology from Remnant University.  He was appointed Senior Pastor in 2023.

Rodney Iaea 

Senior Pastor/Worship Leader

phone:  808-753-2810
Pastor Cynthia Louie

Pastor Cynthia Louie and her husband Russel have been faithful workers in our church since shortly after it's inception in 1990.  Founding Pastor Loyd K. Watanabe, soon appointed Cynthia as Church Administrator and began training her for ministry.  Her husband and two children, Jason and Marisa, have been serving in many capacities throughout.  She was appointed Senior Pastor when Pastor Loyd K. Watanabe went home to be with the Lord on January 5, 2012.  Pastor Rodney Iaea took over as Senior Pastor in 2023.

Cynthia Louie
Assistant Pastor
phone:  808-843-2599

Pastor Rodney and Glenna Iaea Family

Pastor Cynthia and Russel Family

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